Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

IIT Indore, India

About CIE

Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is established in IIT Indore with an ambition of inspiring and motivating people to do things which are different and innovative. With the sole motto of welfare of the society, it involves many teams which work rigorously throughout the year to ensure a continuous bustle in the province of entrepreneurship and innovation. It aims to make not just IIT Indore, but the whole Indore aware of the startups and entrepreneurial activities happening every now and then and help people in launching their startups to make it the hub of entrepreneurship in Central India.

Student Entrepreneurship Support Cell

Here at IIT Indore, we believe in creating something new. SESC was formed to bring in more people who will be creators rather than producers and people who will challenge the usual, and conquer the so called impossible. SESC was formed on August 16th 2013, and has been striving since then to make this a reality.

We have a Team.

We have a Vision.

We are a startup !!!

Start-Up Center

Start-up Centre was launched on August 15, 2016 in IIT Indore. With the approval and help of DST and MHRD in establishing it, its prime focus will be to mentor and incubate startups and innovative ideas. It will use all its resources to help students learn about entrepreneurship and turn their ideas and plans into effect. It will help students by teaching them the key points of business plans and scrutinizing their ideas to make it more productive and also by connecting them to the required resources. Its plans and objectives are being taken up by a team which works with thorough dedication for it to make IIT Indore remarkable in the province of entrepreneurship.


Ideas funded by Department of Science & Technology - Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Center, Govt. of India is competition to get your unique idea funded and to grow yourself as an entrepreneur. Every yaer 5 ideas are supported each getting funding upto Rs 1 lakh. Competition requires students to come up with a technical/commercial idea which is not only feasible but can also thrive in the real world. Your success will be based on:

And external panelist are invited to judge the idea.
Till now, 15 ideas are supported and and it's a unique oppurtunity for students.


Enactus is an international non-profit organization dedicated to enabling progress through entrepreneurial action. Social Entrepreneurship is a process of pursuing innovative solutions to social problems and Enactus is one of the major International Non-Profit Organizations which encourages teens to become ENTREPRENEURS.

Enactus projects are undertaken by student teams of more than 1,600 university campuses in 36 countries with around 66,500 students.Enactus is more than just another student organization to add on campus. It's a professionally rewarding experience that will make a difference in the lives of students and reflect positively on our university.